Landscape to Studio - Focusing on Colour

with Anita Reynolds


Landscape Day: choice of 4 April (coastal location) or 6 April (Dartmoor) 10 - 2pm

3 Studio Days: Thursdays 27 April, 18 May, 6 June, 10 - 3pm
Art Studio, on the second floor

(these workshops are now full)


Cost: £195

"Risk-taking by trying new techniques and materials will allow you to develop as an artist; staying on familiar ground leads ultimately to dissatisfaction in your work as you are making no progress, merely repeating what you already know"

Often work done onsite in sketchbooks is created with enthusiasm, joy and spontaneity, only to be put away, never to be seen or used again. It seems to be a common problem that when back in the studio the so called "finished" works produced from the sketches are not as successful. We seem to lose something in the transfer process.

The aim of this course is to show you how to take notes in the landscape that will be of use to you back in the studio, and how to move beyond the outside experience and develop new works inside.

The course will consist of a day trip out into the landscape to make sketches, colour studies, write notes and take photographs, followed by 3 days back in the studio to develop the information collected.

During the course we will explore:

simple printmaking techniques

I will aim to guide you to find your own creative voice.. The sessions will be relaxed with the emphasis on experimentation and risk-taking in a supportive and creative environment. Each studio session starts with a shared warm up exercise to get the creative juices flowing.

How to book a place:
email Anita directly at:

You will be sent an online form to complete and details of how to pay. If you cannot use an online form then contact Anita by phone. Once you have signed up and paid for the course, instructions and location map will be sent a week before the course starts. Anita will choose location depending on the weather conditions.

Materials for the first session in the landscape will be provided by Anita. There is a small charge for paper used in the Harbour House studio.

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